28 January 2013

Playing with little babies

27_365 01-27-13

So, sometimes I want more kids. Sometimes I really miss the little itty bitty babies and all the fun baby stuff. I do not miss the un-fun baby stuff, but sometimes the un-fun stuff is worth dealing with.  And there are times when I'm glad we're done and our kids are older and can do chores. I'm especially happy that they can wipe their own butts.


The teeny cuddles - Aack.

The itty bitty socks - I die.

And the gurgling and cooing - it's just too much.

It's good to have friends with little babies who will come visit you and let you get your baby fix and then take the little monsters angels home.  (Seriously though, they were adorable and cute and fun to play with. But yeah, also a bit exhausting.)

My friend with little babies who came to visit has twins - double the fun and double the trouble, right?  And of course I had to bring out my camera and take pictures.

01-27-13 (3) copyThis is little baby girl R and Carus is hanging out with little baby boy T.  Carus was very excited about getting to play with the babies, but was not comfortable if they got a little fussy and we were playing musical babies trading off for the one that was the least fussy and most happy.

Carus also wasn't too enthused about being drooled on or spit up on, which was quite hilarious considering how much her and Adam covered us with bodily fluids as infants. (Ugh, that sounded gross...well it was.)

We had a nice relaxing visit and I got my baby fix. I hope we were able to give momma a bit of a break for a few hours (though we didn't do too much).

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