11 January 2013

Back-lit tree moss

10_365 01-10-13
Back-lit tree moss.

The moss is on a tree in my backyard. It is smaller then it might appear here.

I think I'm running out of interesting things to photograph... time to harass the family and animals again.

Speaking of which - Adam's Honor's band concert is this weekend.  He gets to skip school today to ride the bus to a school an hour away to practice and practice and practice all day long.  And then tomorrow (Saturday) he gets to do it again, and then put on a concert at the end of the day. He's excited for it.

And in Carus news - She's asked to join the school newspaper club.  They meet after school once a week and put out a school newspaper.

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  1. Extra! Extra! Read all about it. Carus Is joining the shool newspaper!! Great job to both Adam and Carus. Love you bunches Grandma BV


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