05 January 2013

Saturday errands

Carus helped me with grocery shopping with me today.  I used coupons of sorts (wherein I usually don't) and went to 3 stores to get the best deals/be able to use the coupons (instead of the usual two) and only saved about $15....not sure if it was worth it.

For Carus's help with the shopping, I treated her to lunch at Costco then took her with me for a pedicure.

Not only is our salon great, they took us when we showed up within 10 minutes of their closing time AND did pretty designs on for free.  Carus chose my color -- orange -- and I chose hers -- a light green, that looks a bit yellowish.
5_365 01-05-13

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  1. OMG!! You used coupons? Very Cool. LOL Your little tootsies look cute by the way. I like your color choices. BV


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