15 January 2013

Snow and random thoughts

14_365 01-14-13

There was no frost Monday morning when we got up for work and school, but shortly after everyone else left the house I noticed we had a light dusting of snow on the ground.

The snow soon melted off, but just a few hours later it started snowing again.  I took my morning break and took Leia out to play a little in the snow.  I didn't get a lot of snow in my childhood so I get excited every time it snows, much to Robert's chagrin.  Leia likes the snow as much as I do.

Leia sat still for me because I was holding her ball hostage.  Can you see the intense concentration in her eyes?

How about the flakes of snow? There are a few above her right (her right, not the photo's right) eye  around her ear and a few flakes near the top middle of the photo.

Now on to the random thoughts.  They don't carry a lot of weight, mostly me just getting some little worries out of my head because I'm slightly neurotic and getting them out helps me stop obsessing a little.

(Warning: I'm going to talk about boobs. My boobs. Feel free to stop reading now.)

Back in September, during my monthly self-exam, I noticed a line/ridge on my left boob.  I say ridge because that's the way I've found to best describe it to doctors. It doesn't feel like a ridge. It's barely noticeable.  No one else has been able to see it, but me, and only in certain lights.  I spent a week obsessing, checking myself out in the mirror every time I went to the restroom and feeling myself up to the point I was a bit tender before I broke down and made a doctor's appointment.  My doctor checked me out, didn't feel anything, and didn't see anything; though she said she could see it after I pointed it out.  I think she was humoring me.  She still ordered me a mammogram and ultrasound to ease my concerns.  Both the mammogram and ultrasound came back negative, and still no one besides me could see the "ridge".  I was comfortable at that point to just watch things and see what happened.

Last week, I had my annual exam complete with the getting felt up by my doctor.  I told her I could still see the ridge, but I didn't think there were any changes.  She did spend a lot of time over the area and said, "I can feel some nodes, but I'm not too worried about them."

And then yesterday I noticed a second ridge.  Same boob, below the first one.  So yeah. That's what my brain has been obsessing on lately.

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