22 January 2013

Who says pugs aren't cute?

Who says pugs aren't cute? Definitely not me. Yoda cracks me up daily. My sweet puggy dog.

The other night Robert posed a hypothetical to me, "If someone offered you a million dollars for Yoda, or Leia, and you knew it was a good home where they would be spoiled, would you give them up?"


Though I did admit that if I was asked in the middle of the night when Leia had woken me to go out for the 500 millionth time that night to go out but refused to go out alone, I would be sorely pay them to take her.

I would, however, take their money and find them another pug and lab, or other dog(s) of their choice.

21_365 01-21-13

I've been re-reading the Outlander series.  I've been reading very slowly and pausing to read other books so I've been reading Outlander for a couple months now.  I have almost finished and will move on to the next book, Dragonfly in Amber, after I re-read Harry Potter in anticipation of LeakyCon in June. (So much to read, not enough time.)

I am intentionally trying to read the Outlander series slow, for one, so that the words can really sink in.  There was a lot that I missed in my first read because I read them so quickly wanting to know what happened next and not being able to wait to find out.  And for two, so that I am more patient in my waiting for the next book in the series that is supposed to hopefully come out this fall (if all works out as it should). Diana Gabaldon (the author) is still writing that book (book 8 - Written in My Own Heart's Blood) so no promises yet.

I came across the following quote in my reading this morning, and I really liked it.
"It is possible to act in strict accordance with God's law and with one's conscience, you comprehend, and still to encounter difficulties and tragedy. It is the painful truth that we still do not know why le bon Dieu allows evil to exist, but we have His word for it that this is true. 'I created good,' He says in the Bible, 'and I created evil.' Consequently, even good people sometimes, I think, especially good people," he added meditatively, "may encounter great confusion and difficulties in their lives." (Ch. 40)
 Goodness, I riddled this post with links. 

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