10 February 2013

Little Red Riding Hood returns

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Remember the other day when I told you I had plans for that little forest-y park trail.

With a bit of bribery, Carus agreed to model for me.  Adam even put the cloak on for a bit.  Carus ran up and down the path getting the cloak to billow out behind her, as if she was Little Red Riding Hood running from the Big Bad Wolf.

After I felt I had the image(s) I wanted, we hiked around a bit just enjoying the trail.  For all the trouble it was to convince them to come with me, I think it might have been harder to convince them it was time to leave (we had the library to go to and it was getting close to lunch).

On our way out, down yet another trail, we found a large log laying there and of course the kids had to walk along it a bit.

And then I was able to get this pose.  It seems a bit dark. Maybe Red is tired of running and is waiting to take on the wolf... hahaha

02-09-13 (20) copy (sized)
This second image was what I was thinking of when we went out, and the third might be my favorite.

After lunch I decided to trim my three Rose of Sharon bushes. Shortly after starting I found that it was dropping seeds like crazy and because I don't want 5 billion more little plants right there I started trying to collect the seeds.  I got A LOT of seeds from that one bush and decided the other two can wait (one of the other two has seed pods and one does not). I think I ended up with about a pound of seeds.

And because I have that many seeds, and another bush to "harvest" I'm offering to send seeds to anyone that wants them.  Just email me (smiles4u2have @ hotmail .com), give me your address and tell me you'd like some seeds.  I'll send out a teaspoon or so of seeds (I'm not actually measuring them out) until I'm all out.

If you visit the page here you can get an idea of what kind of care this plant needs.  The flower pictured on that page is also how my plant looks.

My bushes are on the east side of my house, get morning sun and afternoon shade.  I never water them and while we get rain in the fall, winter, and spring, most of the summer is very dry.  You can let them grow as bushes, or if you trim them correctly (use this Google search to find out how), you can train them to grow like a tree.

02-09-13 (22) copy
And my Saturday wasn't over after all that.

I went to dinner and a movie with my mother-in-law at Cinetopia.  We went to see Les Miserables, but there was an error and they over sold the tickets so we couldn't.  As an apology, they refunded our tickets, gave us passes for a future movie, and got us into another movie.  We chose to see Identity Thief, which was a very good decision. It was HILARIOUS.  At several points I was crying I was laughing so hard.  The story made me tear up too, but the tears were mostly from laughing.  I would see it again tomorrow, it was so good.

After the movie, I went grocery shopping. It's not exciting but it extended my day by another 30 minutes (yay for late night shopping, I got to save an hour) so I'm talking about it.

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  1. Hey great pics of little red riding hood.....I mean my Grand-daughter. Thanks dear BV


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