16 February 2013

End of the week crazies

The last half of the week always feels extra crazy and busy and mind numbing.  From Wednesday until Friday night I feel like I'm rushing around getting nowhere and nothing done. Not fun.

This week seemed extra hair-pully-outty, for some reason.

The weekend is very much needed, and appreciated.

44_365 02-13-13

Wednesday, I did find a few moments to relax and go out to the garden on my lunch break. Spring is so close and I'm anxious to get the garden growing again.

These are the garlic I planted in the fall.  I have three small rows of about 10 bulbs.

45_365 02-14-13


Valentine's day and I got these lovely roses from my Valentine, Robert.  I worked at the hospital Thursday instead of at home and the flowers were very nice to come home to.

46_365 02-15-13


I spent a few minutes of my lunch break sunbathing with Timmy kitty. While the sun is still being scarce I try to soak it up as much as possible and Friday was one of those days where I really wish I could wheel my computer outside and work in the sunshine.

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