27 October 2009

Gramma Jerye came for a visit

Gramma came up for a little visit and to teach me to can.

I've never canned before and was intimidated by it. It really wasn't that hard.

I canned my spaghetti sauce, and was going to send some jars back with her for the boys, but forgot. I was also going to send Bud's b-day card, but guess what I just spotted on my desk. . .

Gramma arrived last Tuesday when I was in the middle of fighting 'the plague' that I caught from Carus. I really hope you don't catch it Gramma! It started Sunday night with Carus and I had it by Monday night. Adam didn't get hit until Saturday night and Robert has yet to get it. It was a brutal, awful, horrible flu and I thought I would never feel better again, but I can be melodramatic like that.

By Thursday I was well enough to make up the spaghetti sauce to can, with gramma's help, and then help her can sliced apple. That was more of a supervisory process for me.

Saturday we visited a pumpkin patch and went to a football game. Sunday was supposed to be a trip to the zoo, but Adam was sick so we ended up being lazy all day. It was nice.

Yesterday Gramma made dinner and hung out with the kids while I worked. She and Carus put together a puzzle and painted.

Gramma left early this morning to head home. She left me with clean dishes, an empty dishwasher, very limited dirty clothes, and boxes of books to go through. Gramma always takes over my laundry room when she comes and I don't mind. She enjoys doing laundry and I enjoy the break. She said she enjoys laundry because she has done it the hard way. As a child she would boil the clothes clean, wring them out by hand, and hang them to dry - washers and dryers are a good thing. And every time I don't want to do laundry, I remind myself of it could be harder. It doesn't make me like it more, but it does help me get through it easier.

Hopefully the time between visits won't be too long and she is able to come back in the spring.

We love you and miss you already Gramma!

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