19 October 2009

Monday. . .

From Saturday's game. Adam is on the field - #61 if you can make out the number - crouched down, second one from the left of the picture. They didn't win. Last week's practices were small with a lot of kids out sick - and the ones that were there were practicing in low 40 degree weather and pouring down rain, fall storms. It cleared up just in time for the game Saturday and stayed dry until it was over.

Yoda loves his catepillar.

Lookie what I got today. Robert got me an early Christmas present 'cause he loves me and spoils me. The battery is charging, the maiden photo is coming soon (hopefully by tomorrow).

Carus stayed home sick today and Timmy was helping keep her warm - or she was keeping him warm, being the little heating pad she is with her high fevers. She ALWAYS gets a really high fever when sick. And I mean high. In the 104s and 105s EASY. Today its highest was 104.8, and it has been holding steady around 101 with medication. After the first few ER visits when she was an infant we learned to deal with it - medicate and bundle up to sweat that fever out.

I have a cute picture - somewhere - of Carus with her first cold at 2 months, 105 degree temp, sleeping on a sleeping daddy because she would only sleep while being held. I got to find all of their baby pictures...

Adam had the cold first, I was getting it last week but successfully held it off by leaving work early sick and taking a nap. However, Robert and I are both now sniffling and coughing - and the cough is felt in our chests...not a good sign

Gramma Jerye will be here tomorrow evening - hopefully I can get everyone better by then.

I'm off to take drink some more Emergen-C. The stuff works, but YUCK!

PS. If you want to see a bigger picture of any of these photos (or others on here) just click on them.

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