12 October 2009

Football Game #5

We won!

We kicked butt! We got our first touchdown in the first 15 seconds of the game. It was great. The boys were so excited!

It was great when that kid (#12) got back to the sidelines - he got 10 times more than what he got in the endzone. He was surrounded and getting patted on the back, helmet, and shaken with enthusium from his teammates. The only reason why he didn't fall over was because he was surrounded.

A friend, Tara, came and took pictures with her new Nikon D40 so I have 1,109 pictures to go through. All these pictures in this post were taken by her or at least her camera, a few might be my shots. She let me play with it for a bit - I'm in love!! It completely renewed my desire for the camera, if only I could get them to go on sale. I need it to be about 70% off...or maybe even 100%.

Our cheerleaders do pushups for every point we have after each touchdown. The poor girls might be rethinking that idea since after each touchdown, they start at 1 and go to the score (like 1 to 18; 1 to 36, etc)

There's Adam, #61, just before the snap. He's on defense. Second picture he is blocking #57. In this play, they threw a pass and our #3 intercepted. #3 has gotten some great interceptions for us. This was one of them.

There's #3 at the bottom of that pile. And then #3 getting surrounded by his teammates.

Okay, one last picture...okay two. One of Adam blocking and one of the final score.
I have many, many, many really good photos, but too many to put here. I've talked Robert into letting me get a pro Flickr account, so I'll be able to post a lot of them on there. So many you will be tired of seeing football pictures. And think, we have three more games left this season.

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  1. Congradulations Adam! Good job to all the team.


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