26 October 2009

Pumpkin patch

Pumpkin Patch 2009
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Saturday we visited a local pumpkin patch. It was gorgeous! Bright, sunny, warm. Perfect day.

They had the usual pumpkin patch amenities of course. And they had a pumpkin canon, trebuchet, and slingshot. The canon and trebuchet were not in use while we were there. I think it was because there wasn't enough 'staff' to run it.

The slingshots were available for $2 for 3 small pumpkins. We each got a turn and it was fun.

The target was an old run-down car way out in the field, which we did not hit. None of us even came close to hitting. But it was fun to try!

Pumpkin patch 2009
Originally uploaded by smiles2have
We had yet to find 'our' pumpkin patch to return to each year and we have visited several different ones in the area. I think this one (Plumper pumpkin patch) has made the top of our list. It wasn't too busy even though it was such a nice day and the last weekend before Halloween, it had all sorts of things to do, and the pumpkins were decent price. I think we might actually return to it next year. I would actually like to go a little earlier as well to get to see the fields of sunflowers that were mostly dead this visit.

Plus, who wouldn't love another shot at the car in the field.

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