09 October 2009

Sense of humor

Recently Robert got a new TV because he felt the big screen that we got like 2 months ago that took three people to get it up the stairs and in the house was too big for our living room - and it kinda was - but the new TV needed a stand to sit on so we start looking for a stand.

We went to four Goodwills and got other goodies, but no stand.

We went to furniture stores and just couldn't bring ourselves to pay that much money for pressboard with vinyl stickers.

So we checked out Craigslist and we looked and looked and couldn't seem to find anything that we both liked in our price range. Then getting desparate we found a $20 stand that we could cut and paint and it would sorta work the way we want. So we emailed them:


Do you still have it? How tall is it from the floor where the tv goes?

Would you take $19.58 for it?


we do still have and the TV is about 18"-24" off the ground. If the $19.58 is a serious offer we would accept it, but honestly can't figure out why $0.42 would make a difference.

Call _______ if you want to come and get it.

It is so nice to see others that get our sense of humor.

The next day, before we got their reply email, we did find the perfect stand via Craigslist. It was a teensy bit more than we wanted to pay, and Robert wasn't able to haggle them down, but I really really love it.

Now the rest of our furniture looks like crap!

Also, I now have a big screen TV parked in my dining room for sale - any takers?

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