10 October 2009

Football update

We have had some amazingly nice weather for the football games. It is starting to get cold, but no rain. Nice and sunny but completely clear.

We still haven't won a game (of 4 games) but we've come really close twice. The kids seem to be having a lot of fun though, so that is good. And no major injuries! We've had a few with the wind knocked out of them, or a bit of a twisted ankle, but within a few minutes they have recovered and are getting back out onto the field.
I'm enjoying watching football, watching Adam play, and would like it if he wanted to do it again next year - but I think he is still up in the air about whether or not he wants to.
Carus has said she wants to play - and the league does allow girls (there is a 3 girls in the 5/6 level with 1 on Adam's team). I'm not sure if she will really want to when it comes down to it, but if she does then she can try.

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