07 October 2009

Am I old yet?

Carus has made some new friends that are a year or two older than her and don't actually live near us, but have walked down just to hang out with her. I think she actually knows them from school - Carus will make friends with anyone with no concern for age, sex, color, nationality, etc. and they are her best friend for ever. She has hundreds of best friends.

Anyways, the new friends are in the garage with her playing with Barbies and when I noticed they were there I went out to say hi and was met with . . .

Girl 1: "Are you Carus's mom?"

Me: "Yes"

Girl 2: "Wow, you look young!"

Me: "Thank you"

Carus: "Yeah, she's 27."

Girl 2: "You ARE young!"

Me - just smile 'cause what am I supposed to say, I've said thank you. . .

Girl 1: "My mom is almost 30!" (said in that can-you-believe-it-it-is-the-most-unimaginable-thing-EVA tone of voice)

Yeah, so I guess I don't have to worry about my age yet.

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