01 October 2009

Race for the Cure 2009

Sorry this took so long getting up. I was waiting for a copy of Barbara's pictures.

The kids had spent the night out at Gramma's house so we met at the max station to ride downtown to waterfront together. We got there after our 'race' started, about 10 minutes after it started, but it was all good. We had time to walk around a few booths, pick up a couple pieces of loot, and then start walking and we were by no means anywhere near the end of the line.

Carus was cranky, but after we got walking a bit and some minor threats from me she was starting to cheer up. . . .Then we saw Chewbacca. We saw him last year and the kids hoped to see him again this year. He was accompanied by a Storm Trooper, Bobofett, Obi Wan Kenobi, and Princess Leia. Those guys were great about stopping and taking a TON of pictures and I'm sure it took them three times longer than anyone else to actually finish the walk.

After crossing the finish line, we wondered around for a bit, got to pet a Linx cat that was sitting on someone's shoulder, and got some bread that is made without flour and is so good that it is almost - almost - worth $5 for a small loaf.

After the race we rode the max back to our cars and then went for lunch at Shari's. Several other participants had the same idea and we recognized a lot of shirts. We recognized one guy from the race, but thought he was bald and had painted a pink ribbon on the back of his head - nope, that was his hair shaved in the shape of a ribbon and dyed pink. Adam and Carus thought that was so cool and asked me if I could take a picture of it since they were too shy to ask themselves. They want to get Robert to do it next year. And Adam wants to build an R2D2 to walk with us next year too.

I hope to get to see the end of the need for this fundraiser in my lifetime - or maybe Adam and Carus will be that lucky.

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  1. Again I am very proud of all of you for taking the walk. I too wish they would find a cure. Love you.


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