28 October 2009

Painting with Gramma

Painting with Gramma
Originally uploaded by smiles2have
Carus and Gramma Jerye painting with water color paint. Gramma gave Carus all sorts of tips on how to do certain things with the brushes, mixing paints, not using too much water but still using enough, fading, shadowing, etc.

Carus is putting all that info to work and she is painting pictures like crazy. Gramma wanted to teach some oil painting, but didn't have the time. I'm not sure if Carus is quite ready for that. Someday...

Painting with Gramma
Originally uploaded by smiles2have

This picture went home with Gramma. I'm hoping to get Carus to make another similar for me to have...we'll see. Right now her teacher is getting some pictures. I love the mountains. They are New Mexico mountains, Oregon's are blue or green from a distance.

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