03 July 2011


185/365 - Robert's new puppy Leia.
184_365 07-03-11 copy

Robert and Leia. I don't know why he is looking at her and not me, he knew I was taking a picture. In the next one I got he was looking at me, but she was all blurry.
Robert and his new puppy Leia

We've been hemming and hawing about getting another dog for awhile. Well, it's mostly been me and the kids going "LET'S DO IT!!" and Robert going "well, I dunno..."

I've been looking at the shelters on line and on craigslist and late last night I saw found the posting for Leia. After a few emails and a couple phone calls we picked a place to meet and we went and picked her up.

They say she is already potty trained, and so far we've had no accidents, but she is a puppy so...

She also knows sit and does really well with leave it and down. She shows no interest in the cats, but wants to play with Yoda and Yoda doesn't want to play.

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  1. Cute lil pup! Congrats on the new addition :)


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