25 July 2011

Our favorite beach

Sunday we did go to the coast for the day to enjoy the surf and sun and have a picnic lunch.  We went to our favorite beach, Arcadia Beach, which is just a few miles south of Cannon Beach on Highway 101.

07-24-11 062 copy

It was still a bit foggy when we first got there...
07-24-11 015

But it didn't take long to start burning off.
07-24-11 078 copy

Leia enjoyed herself, but I can't wait until she has all her leash manners. The whole jumping on me and yanking herself in every direction got old quite fast. 
07-24-11 158 copy

I love Adam's sense of humor, even when he is driving me batty with his sarcastic and smart-alec remarks to me.
07-24-11 092*

07-24-11 071

Lunch time!
07-24-11 068

View from the parking lot at the top of the trail down to the beach, looking south.
07-24-11 067 copy

Since Yoda is such a momma's boy and doesn't wander far from me and I can call him back when he tries to go say hi to people, he gets to be lucky enough to be off leash.  He loves when the kids run ahead of me and he will run to them until he touches one of them or circles in front of them and then run back to me.  One downside to him being friendly was some guy was trying to coax him into following him home. Not joking around either, he was seriously walking away from me calling Yoda. 
07-24-11 060

07-24-11 059

206/365 - Jumping over the waves.  When did my baby boy grow up?!
206_365 07-24-11

07-24-11 057

07-24-11 053

07-24-11 054

07-24-11 052

07-24-11 049 copy

Seagull floating on the waves.
07-24-11 034 copy

My baby doll, who is also growing up way too fast...
07-24-11 031 copy

Adam running with Leia - he was having a bit of a time keeping her from jumping on him.
07-24-11 023

Floppy puppy happy to be on the beach.
07-24-11 002

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  1. Carus is a beautiful young lady and I noticed that Adam is taller than Robert,or soon will be. A day at the beach sounds like fun. I know April will to all.Granny


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