07 July 2011

Friggin' turd!

188/365 - Dinner - Pork country ribs and potato bundles (and corn too, not pictured).
Look at the pretty grill marks. It was good too.
188_365 07-06-11

189/365 - Ding bat or puppy?
189_365 07-07-11

Ugh, so puppy. Yeah. I forgot about potty training. Okay, not really. I remembered both kids and Yoda, but somehow I forgot how exhausting it is.  Or blocked it out. 

Oh and the teaching not to bite and no you can't chase Yoda (who I swear thinks he is a cat and doesn't get that she is trying to play with him) and please stop chewing on my chair leg and don't eat the fireplace brick, I don't think it's good for your teeth. She has toys, and she has two kids that have been delegated with the task of entertaining her during the day while I work, but still.  Puppies are exhausting.  HA, yeah, like no one knew that before I said that. 


But really, it's not that bad. It is a new challenge, which is a good thing. It is teaching the kids A LOT about taking care of a puppy and how to potty train and other stuff. There are fun things too, and she is so stinking cute!

Then there is how smart she is.  Serious she is INCREDIBLY smart. IN FACT, today we had no potty accidents and she even sat in front of the back door to be let out once! That might have been a fluke, but I'll take it.

But that was until Robert came home.

Friggin' turd.

Three accidents on his watch. One (#1) wasn't there as he was taking her out, but was there when returning, right in front of the door so it might have just snuck out so I suppose he can slide on that one. The second, he opened the sliding glass door for something, but not the porch door to let her out and she poo'd on the back porch; technically outside but I'm not letting him slide cause I told him she would have to poo soon. The third (#1 again) I told him to let her out, it was time for her to potty as she was going around a corner, and he ignored me. And sure enough, she had went.

But proof she is smart - commands she knows:

Sit. Seriously, we can get her to sit 9 times out of 10, and the 10th doesn't work cause she is focused on something else. The second she focuses on us, she sits.

Down. This one isn't as reliable. Sometimes I think she is just tired of sitting, but others she does it right after the 7 out of 10.

Stay. She really does, just not long. Maybe, MAYBE, 15 seconds MAX.

* * * * * *

The kids introduced her to bubbles today and she enjoyed it.

After I was off work, Adam pulled out the bubble soap again so I could see...and take pictures of course.
Adam and Leia playing with bubbles

Adam and Leia playing with bubbles

Adam and Leia playing with bubbles

See, there is fun!

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