12 July 2011

I'm in a Jam. Heh heh, get it Jam

192/365 - Carus helping me in my first attempt at making jam. Spoiler alert - it was a success! Recipe to come later (probably/maybe tomorrow).
192_365 07-10-11

193/365 - Yoda pug. He's starting to get used to the puppy. It helps that she is learning that chasing the pug (or the kitties) is not an acceptable game. She does interrupts his naps though (now say in an old man voice: Damn kids!).
193_365 07-11-11

194/365 - I got a freakin' picture of the freakin' moon!! I TOOK THAT! Woo! Lookie, you can see the craters and everything!
194_365 07-12-11

Sorry, I'm excited. It is my first moon shot and all. Thanks again for the tripod Robert!

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