08 July 2011

Smores anyone?

190/365 - First fire in the firepit.

And we made smores too.
190_365 07-08-11

Unfortunately the fire wouldn't get going too well. The wood we have is from the tree we removed to put in the patio and firepit and it is very dense wood and therefore still green, even after sitting outside for a year.

Tomorrow the kids and I are going to attend a writing workshop our library is having.  Adam announced a couple weeks ago he wanted to write a book, but he is struggling with where to start, and with naming his characters.  Carus decided years ago she wants to be an author and has actually penned and illustrated a few books...however, none of which have endings.  I'm excited they could be the next big authors out there selling tons of books, but even more excited that I will most likely be the first to read anything they write. (I better be anyways!)

After the workshop and some lunch we hope to go lavender cutting and berry picking with some friends, and if there is enough time and we have enough energy, we might even go to the free swimming session the local pool has on Saturdays.

I am so glad we are done with that patio project. I can sit back and relax the rest of my summer away.

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