02 July 2011

I can never think of a title so now I'm stuck with this one... TITLE!

Progress on The Patio Project:

We are in the finishing touches phase and this weekend we put in bark mulch.  It cleans everything up and finishes it off a bit. What I got Friday afternoon (2 yards) turned out to be not quite enough and I had to go back Saturday morning for 1 last yard. Bark mulch is infinitely easier to wheelbarrow and it took us no time at all to get it all done.
06-30-11 (1)
We didn't do the full yard either, just half leaving the other half since it is still in progress with plans for Robert's shop this summer and the moving of my garden next. We'll get there eventually.
06-30-11 (2)

Now to just get some plants and flowers planted to green things up a bit.

* * * * * * * *

181/365 - Adam mid sentence.
181_365 06-29-11

182/365 - My bday roses. I don't like the colors on this one with the flash, but the one without the flash didn't look any better. I need to try to get my 365 in earlier in the day.
182_365 06-30-11

183/365 - My not-a-daisies are blooming again. I was worried that they were all done blooming after the last flowers had faded and fallen off. But I just dead-headed them and hoped and now more are blooming. I call them not-a-daisy because, while they look like a daisy, they are not; however, I can't remember their name. I know it starts with an S.
183_365 07-01-11

184/365 - Yoda pug loves his toy caterpillar.
184_365 07-02-11

I was going to break out my new tripod and attempt to take a photo of the moon tonight, but we are just one day off of a new moon so there is no moon to photograph.... Next weekend looks promising though.

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