28 June 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

179/365 - Wilbur, my scaredy cat. 179_365 06-27-11 copy

My birthday flowers. Robert came home early from work today (got off early) and Carus immediately ushered him back out the door to get me a gift which she had been bugging him to go do for a few days. She had her eyes set on a specific bouquet of flowers we had seen a few days earlier while grocery shopping, but they didn't have it. They came back instead with these flowers and a Hoops and Yo Yo card.  We really enjoy those silly little cards.
My birthday flowers
Roses from Robert
Carnations from Adam
Azealas from Carus (that I can keep forever cause they're in a pot)

My card, when opened, said:

Oh, you’re not old.

You’re not that old.
No, there’s lot of things older than you
There are a ton of things…
Redwood trees!
Most of the planet…
Did you say Napoleon?
You’re younger than Napoleon!
Yah! Hahaha
You’re an infant.
A baby.
We could go on and on and on, so let’s just say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You young whippersnapper!
I worked today, but it was a good day. Everything ran smoothly.  I didn't run into many problems that I couldn't solve without help and only a few problems that needed a little help on.  All systems were running as they should.  Days like today remind me how much I enjoy my job and coworkers.

Blue margaritaRobert took me us out to dinner for my birthday at my choice restaurant - Mazatlan's.  I got the large blue margarita....

And Robert let it "slip" it was my birthday.*  After we were done with dinner, the server brought over the sombero, put a little dessert (cinnamon and suger chips with whip cream) with a candle in front of me, gave the kids and Robert maracas and noisemakers and they sang me happy birthday.  Then a free shot of tequila.

For the amount of tequila I consumed, my stomach being quite sloshy feeling as we left, I was rather disappointed that I didn't get a little buzz.

Oh well.

Robert and Adam took pictures with their phones of my sombero awesomeness, and then Robert immediately texted it out (he won't tell me to whom), but I don't have a copy and I'm not sure I would share anyways...

180/365 - Ending my birthday sitting outside on my patio reading Harry Potter.**  It was a little chilly and a fire would have been nice, but I didn't want to build one.  Maybe another time.
180_365 06-28-11

*If there is any way I can get Robert near Red Robins on his birthday I am so letting it slip with them.  Why there specifically? Because their happy birthday song annoys him SO.VERY.MUCH!  But really, it wasn't that embarrassing.  It was actually rather fun and I think the kids enjoyed it more. 

**I'm reading the Harry Potter books in preparation for the final movie coming out next month.  I'm on Order of the Pheonix and there is so much I forgot! I'm surprised.  This is the first time re-reading the books, so technically only the second time reading them.

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