03 June 2011

What day are we on? Oh yeah - 6. Zoo day!

Honolulu Zoo 05-26-11
Thursday we started out at the zoo with the hopes that we would get through before it got too hot and that theory almost worked.  We got most of the way, but were fairly wilted by the time we got back to the hotel.  Oh well - back to the pool!!  Have you noticed how much we were swimming? If not, I'll give you a hint - a lot. A lot a lot.

I took over 400 photos.  Lots of birds and flowers, some monkeys, turtles, peacock, giraffe, zebra, rhino ass (he wouldn't face me - well Robert had the camera at that point and he didn't care that I didn't really want a picture of the rhino's ass SO I have a picture of a rhinocerous's ass! Lucky me).  Let's see - um, Oh I attempted to get a picture of dragonflies but they wouldn't hold still. Fast little bastards.  Oh and more flowers cause I was really enjoying the flora of Hawaii.

Anyways I'm not sharing all of them right now cause that's a lot of pictures and they need editing cause I was shooting through windows and fences and the stupid rhino wouldn't turn around but I don't think I could fix that. I could meld Robert's face with it. Hehehe. 

But how about some highlights right now and I'll share others here and there later on. 
Honolulu Zoo 05-26-11
We explored the gift shop and were playing around a little. I love Carus's pose in this picture. Carus tried on the hat and Robert then did so I quickly snapped a pic cause he doesn't always let me catch his goofiness. But I begged and he said yes. 

Honolulu Zoo 05-26-11

And I got this one! All three goofballs.  Yay for good sport Robert!  Maybe I will get him one of those hats for his birthday.

So now!
Some of our favorite animals:  And just some because we are big animal lovers over here (example - the amount of pets we have) and loved all the animals. Even the ugly ones like komodo dragons. But they're not really ugly, just reptile-y which makes them cool. 
Honolulu Zoo 05-26-11
The monkeys. Monkeys are always amusing.

146/365 - Tiger at Honolulu Zoo.
146_365 05-26-11
The tigers.  They were cleaning the main tiger cage and we were worried we wouldn't get to see them, but then we found that they were in a smaller cage on the side.  This guy was just chilling, but the other one was pacing back and forth and every time one of the trainers or zoo workers came near the gate he/she would get so excited and run and jump.  It didn't seem aggressive.  It seemed excited to see them or excited that they would get to go back in the main cage or something.  Either way - PRETTY KITTY!!

Honolulu Zoo 05-26-11
And this little fox.  We came up on this guy and Carus squealed.  EEEEEEEEEE squealed. I might have too.  And then he started digging a hole and she squealed again.  He looks like a cross between a chihuahua and cat and isn't he is freaking adorable!

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  1. Gramps and I also like the animals at the zoo. I walked to the zoo several times when we were in China and Gramps was working. Beautiful tiger picture and I loved the three that posed for you with their hats on,very cute. Always fun at the zoo. Love to all Granny


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