20 June 2011

The Patio Project

After dinner tonight we went out to the yard to see our dirt donut/firepit base.

Dirt donut

We then grabbed some concrete and started mixing it up.

Mixing concrete

And poured the concrete into the form.

06-20-11 (12)

We originally grabbed two bags, thinking that's all it would take, but it turned out to take 5 bags. Then we let it set for a bit. Watching concrete dry is as fun as watching water takes FOR-EVER!

Concrete donut

After about an hour we started placing the base layer....

Placing first layer

Still placing.

Still placing...

At this point, I sent Carus in with the camera and Adam after flashlights and the kids and I held flashlights for Robert as he mortered and placed the stones. A quick check with the level revealed that the stones were level (amazingly just by him eye-balling it).

Since our hands were busy, that means:


You will have to wait, with me, to see what it looks like tomorrow! Also tomorrow, we'll finish the other layers and we'll have a firepit! And I'll use more exclamation points! Which I probably do too much of anyways, but it's okay because I really am that excited about what I'm talking about!

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