07 June 2011


I switched shifts with a coworker for her swing shift so today I have had the morning off, and boy has it been productive!

So far today I have:
  • Gotten the kids up, fed, dressed and out the door for their second to last day of school.
  • Made the kids lunches.
  • Read 2 chapters in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. (Re-reading them in anticipation of the final movie coming out this summer.
  • Read about 50 blog posts in my reader. I got behind in reading while on vacation and now I'm struggling to catch up.
  • Made two dozen banana chocolate chip muffins. (See recipe in next post later today...or tomorrow.)
  • Stripped my bed and started the sheets in the wash.
  • Cleaned the cat box. (That right there is the biggest accomplishment. I hate cleaning that thing and avoid it like the plague.)
  • Uploaded pictures on camera from the last week so I can catch up on my 365s.
  • Created this post to catch up on my 365, which I better hurry up and finish, 10 minutes until I start work.
149/365 - Timmy kitty wanting attention. He followed us for days after our vacation soaking up as much attention as he could get.
149_365 05-29-11 (1)
150/365 - Timmy getting loves from Carus. He doesn't usually sit in the kids laps. He will sit next to them, but not usually on them.
150_365 05-30-11
151/365 - Our new mantis tiller so we can stop doing all of the digging/loosening of soil by hand. Robert is getting the soil ready for the sod we were putting in later in the week.
151_365 05-31-11
152/365 - Timmy finally being okay sitting by himself not being constantly petted and loved on.
152_365 06-01-11
153/365 - My snowballs (hydrangeas) have turned white!
153_365 06-02-11
154/365 - Sleepy pug
154_365 06-03-11
155/365 - 430ish square feet of sod down. Such hard work, but totally happy about doing it. Don't know if I'd ever do it again... The light green grass was our already existing grass. 
155_365 06-04-11
156/365 - Timmy watching birdies
156_365 06-05-11
157/365 - My neighbor and I were talking about doing some jams/jellies this summer (I never have, she has) and she said she made some peach lavender jam/jelly (what's the difference) last summer. Then later she brought me a jar to try and it is goooood.  Ignore the grout on my kitchen counter please, I can't get it clean without pulling it all up.
157_365 06-06-11

Whew! And with 2 minutes to spare. 

Okay off to work, and I'll try to get the recipe up for the banana chocolate chip muffins and (spoiler alert) the muffin pic for my 365 today.


  1. Have you tried spray Clorox water on the grout and trying to clean it that way? Not sure if it would work but I would think it would. You might also check at Home Depot or Lowe's to see if they have any other suggestions. Love you.

  2. Hi Becca, Just a note to answer a question you have . Jelly is made from clear juice from the fruit. The juice is usually strained thru a clean cloth than add sugar and one other ingredient and cooked down. Jam is made from the juice from cooked fruit but not strained. I think that is correct. Google it and see. Marmalade has chunks of fruit in it.

  3. Aunt Pam - Yes, I have tried Clorox and it was causing the grout to come up so I had to abondon it. I will get a new kitchen counter eventually.

    Anonymous - Thank you for the clarification :)



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