02 June 2011

Day 5

Wednesday.  Kind of the day our whole Hawaii trip was planned around. Mine and Robert's 10th wedding anniversary. 

We were going to go to Hawaii last year so I could visit my awesome cousin while she still lived on the island (they now live on the east coast) BUT we bought a house instead because I needed out of our rental.  Plus 10 year anniversary is a nice round, even number to celebrate that big.

To top it all off we renewed our wedding vows too.  We decided to renew our vows because it hasn't been an easy road to get here and there were times where neither one of us thought we would make it. Sometimes saying being 10 years seems like nothing, like a drop in a hat, easy as pie. But other times being married 10 years seems like a desert we crossed without water.

We started out the day with Carus and I getting pedicures so we had pretty toes. 
05-25-11 (1)
I had braided Carus's damp hair the night before and this is how it came out the next morning.  I love when she lets me play with her hair. I loved how pretty it was and it would have stayed like that all day except she wanted to go swimming again and there was no time for a redo.

05-25-11 (11) copy
Still pretty without the waves in her hair.

We arrived at Waialae Beach for the ceremony early so we could check it out and enjoy it.  It was a gorgeous, quiet beach.  There were a few other wedding ceremonies going on too.  One couple was just leaving as we were arriving and two others married while we were there.  I could see why it was a popular spot, it was gorgeous!

05-25-11 (40)
Not long after we arrived we found a few crabs and this one stood up to us walking by him (or her?) which Carus found extremely funny and interesting so she followed him and harrassed him (not much) all the way down the beach until he finally stopped and buried himself in the sand.
05-25-11 (43)
He looks like a rock in front of her here.  We kept warning her not to get too close or he would latch on with his claws and she wouldn't like it.
05-25-11 (45)
Do you see him standing up to her? He still sorta looks like a rock... 

Don't worry, she didn't harrass him too much, never touched him, and after he buried himself she put a rock next to it so she wouldn't accidentally step on him and then moved on, going back to wade in the surf.

05-25-11 (52) copy
And we watched this guy head out to windsurf.  He was out on the water at least an hour and he got pretty far out there.  Probably lots of fun.  It was fun to watch, not sure if I could ever try though. I don't have much balance.

05-25-11 079 copy
Our family*

After our little ceremony we took a few pictures.  The wind was blowing really hard and it was difficult to keep the hair out of my face, and the sun was going down and was at the perfect height to be in our eyes. But I'm still pretty happy with the photos.

05-25-11 091 copy
Brother and sister.* 

They were at our first wedding - Adam was ring bearer and I was pregnant with Carus - so it's fitting they be at our second.

With the little ceremony package I found (that included the photographer WOOHOO!) we got sparkling cider to celebrate (champagne/alcohol isn't allowed on public beaches).
05-25-11 104 copy
Robert and I*

145/365 - Happy 10th Anniversary to us!*
145_365 05-25-11

We've made it this far, here's hoping we make it even further.

*These photos are not by me or my camera. They are by the photographer, unfortunately, I can't remember his name right now because I occasionally have the memory span of a goldfish.


  1. I LOVE that time of day! Perfect for a ceremony at the beach. Looks like a perfect day. ...and everyone's so happy! ~Deborah

  2. How special and FUN!!! I'm so glad you were both able to do this...even if it wasn't when I still lived there :P
    You guys look great!

  3. What a special surprise! Gramps and Granny didn't know and when we saw the pictures we surprised and so happy for you all. Are you going back in 17 years? You have lots of time to save your pennies.Love to a very special couple. Gramps and Granny


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