24 June 2011

All done and almost done

All done - 7Days for the summer go-round. Now to wait for the fall run.

176/365 - 7days, day 7: Guess where I'm going tomorrow?

I love that Starbucks gives me a birthday gift. It makes me feel very special.
176_365 06-24-11 Becca 7days7

Carus's 7days, day 7: Playing Scribblenauts. Carus picked out this game all by herself and is actually educational. She has to spell words to get objects in the game to move through the game (for example, if she can't jump high enough, she has to spell out trampoline to get one so she can jump higher).
06-24-11 Carus 7days7

Almost done - The Patio Project.

I'm so excited, SO EXCITED, to be almost done!

We got the landscape fabric down. Tomorrow - rocks. 1/4" river rock to be exact.
06-24-11 003

How's the sod doing? Pretty darn good. It is almost completely blended in with the old grass.

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