18 June 2011

7days Summer fun!

Carus wanted to play along again and took this quick pic today to show off her new jean jacket.  It isn't actually new, it's a hand-me-down she acquired 2 years ago that I've tried persuading her to wear a million times, which she wouldn't because "it's ugly".  But now, it isn't ugly and she likes it. And I think she looks pretty cute in it.

06-18-11 Carus 7days1

And me - all smiley and feeling good. Which was before spending 6 hours in the yard trying to dig out the spot where we are putting our patio and firepit. This is also my 365 for today, #170.
170_365 06-18-11 Becca 7days1

So about the patio project.

We just need to dig 3-4 inches down in about a 10 x 12 foot area. That shouldn't take long, especially since we have a little tiller to make the job easy.

WRONG! It was not easy. We are maybe, MAYBE, halfway done. Stupid, stupid clay soil. We were actually digging up chunks of clay that could be used to mold things. I am not joking.  Carus took a bunch of this clay in the yard before, formed it into a ball, and set it in the sun to harden. That sucker could have done some damage if thrown, it was solid.

We have been the annoying neighbors with the 2-stroke motor (think weed eater) going pretty much all day long. Sorry neighbors, but it saves me having to dig it out with shovels (which we did for the steps and don't want to do again).

06-18-11 Patio project

This picture was at the beginning of the day. We have made progress, not as much as we wanted, but we have made progress.

Maybe we should have splurged and rented a larger tiller...


  1. I would like to see more of the denium jacket,Carus. They usually are cute jackets. I sure like that picture of you Rebecca. Love to all.

  2. You look so pretty in the pic!!!


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