21 June 2011

First day of summer and patio project continued

173/365 and 7days, day 4 - Helping Adam make dinner. He picked out a recipe from a cookbook he checked out from the library and I was helping. It needed a few tweaks to make it so we would eat it - or rather so a picky eater in our family would eat it. He was having a lot of trouble with tweaking and not following the recipe exactly. It might come with experience, or he might just be a recipe follower...only time will tell.
173_375 06-21-11 Becca 7days4

Also - can you find me?

Carus's 7days, day 4 - Just her being goofy. She didn't give me a description for this photo so make of it what you will.
06-21-11 Carus 7days4

This evening we squeezed in a little more work on our patio project - finishing the walls of the firepit.


TA DA! Now we just need to figure out what stones we want to cap it with and morter them in place. We were going to do another level, but decided as we finished this one that we liked the height as it was.  We can change our mind again and put it in later, but I don't think we will.

It's looking very promising that we will be done with the patio this weekend!! *knock on wood*crossing fingers*


  1. Good job Robert and your helpers. I'm anxious to see the end product!

  2. I can see Adam in the microwave glass but only see a hand besides that. Whats for dinner Adam and how did it turn out? Love to all Granny


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