26 June 2011

No, you can't touch the dead snake

177/365 - Vivid blue flower
177_365 06-25-11

178/365 - My red, white, and blue pots. The pots are actually metal concrete forms for in-ground light fixtures. Robert got them from work for me.
178_365 06-26-11

Today, while shopping for red, white and blue flowers for my planters (I wanted to go all patriotic on my yard since we are having a 4th of July BBQ party), I picked up this little red hot poker. It's not too big right now, but I'm hoping it will soon get as big as some my Granny and Gramps have in their yard. And hoping it will attrack some hummingbirds. I've seen a couple of them buzzing around, but haven't seen any at my new feeder.
Red hot poker

Saturday we put the gravel in the patio area.


Some stats on that gravel:
  • It took us about 3 hours to move.
  • Robert and I (mostly Robert) made 22 wheelbarrow trips from driveway to backyard, up two hills to get to the patio.
  • We loaded, hauled, dumped, and spread 3,750 pounds of gravel for an average of 170 pounds each trip.

Firepit update. Robert painted the inside of the firepit with fireproof paint. We also put a bucketful of gravel inside the pit. That should help keep the pit from becoming a muddy, ashy, pit. It should also be easier to build fires and keep them going.
06-25-11 (2)

Not quite done, but all that's left is the finishing touches, cleaning things up and making them pretty.

* * * * * * * *

Earlier, when planting the new flowers with Carus, she found a snake down the holes of some cinderblocks we have stacked in the garage. (We have cinderblocks stacked in the garage because that was what we were originally going to build the retaining wall out of, but then Robert changed his mind and now we have a bunch of cinderblocks hanging out.) I moved the blocks out of the way thinking he was stuck, but noticed he wasn't moving.

Weeellll, he wasn't moving because he was dead. He might have climbed in there and wasn't able to get out, or Simba caught him and was playing with him on top of the blocks when he escaped from him, but wasn't able to get out of the hole. Either way he was dead.

I picked the snake up to dispose of it outside of the garage. Carus followed me all the way to the yard debris bin asking repeatedly, "Can I touch it?" "Plleeeaasseee."

I then uttered something I never thought I'd have to say to my kids: "No, you may not touch the dead snake."

* * * * * * * * *
While grilling dinner, Robert found another snake on our screened in porch area hiding under the grill cover. When Robert uncovered him, the snake rushed under the grill. While Robert moved the grill out of the way, I grabbed the snake (which was a squirmy little thing) and removed him to under the porch.

I let Carus touch that one.

Don't worry about the snakes, they're just garter snakes. Since our screened in porch doesn't have any large holes near the bottom (at least, not that I know of) I don't think they are coming in of their own free will. Simba likes to catch them. I haven't seen him eat one, but he does like to bring them onto the porch to play with until I catch him and rescue the snake. They are good for my garden so I release them.

I have caught Simba trying to recatch - or just play with - a snake in my house who was trying very hard to get away from him and under some furniture.

* * * * * * * * * *

Robert gave me my birthday present early. He doesn't seem to be able to keep my surprises to himself too well, which is okay by me.

I got a tripod. A really good one too, though don't ask me specs on it. I don't happen to have it next to me right now and I'm not going after it now either. I know it has a level on it to make sure my camera is straight, all the adjustable locks are extremely strong, is made of carbon fiber so it is nice and strong, and has its very own carrying bag.

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