19 June 2011

And the theme is BLACK. Also, Happy Father's Day!!

For Father's Day Robert wanted to go to Big Al's and play some games.  They also have food, a bar, bowling, and I have no idea what else, but we just played some arcade games.  It was loads of fun.
06-19-11 017

Adam and Daddy playing some shoot the zombie pirates game. 
06-19-11 012

Then we went out to dinner at Jade Palace.
06-19-11 031

Adam isn't the one giving me the bunny ears, the server was; and I didn't know it until after the picture was taken.
06-19-11 023

7days today was a theme day and the theme was "Black".
171/365 - My 7days photo. Playing air hockey with Carus under a Black light.
171_365 06-19-11 Becca 7days2 Black (light)

Carus's 7days photo - Black kitty.  Carus was having a hard time coming up with an idea to fit the theme today, and then Timmy walked up and meowed and inspiration hit.
06-19-11 Carus 7days2 Black (cat)

Robert and I also worked some more on the patio and we got it all dug out.  Robert also measured it, it is 11 feet by 12-1/2 feet and down 3 inches over all - about 412 sq feet of soil clay dug out and moved.

We (mostly Robert) then marked out and dug out the base for the firepit.  Tomorrow we will pour the concrete and place the first row of stones.  I should have an update picture for that tomorrow.

It took us longer than I had planned, than I wanted it to, but we did made some progress.  The end is in sight.

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  1. An especially good picture of Carus and Robert. She will treasure that one day. And a good picture of you and Adam. The bunny ears really didn't spoil it but she should not have done that. Enjoy reading about the progress of the patio. Love to all Granny


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