20 June 2011

Monday blahs

Carus's 7days, day 3 - Playing video games.
06-20-11 Carus 7days3

172/365; 7days, day 3 - Working. Simba is my regular supervisor and more often he is trying to sit on my lap, which doesn't work because the desk is touching him, so he lays on my hands and therefore my keyboard. It makes work hard, but sometimes he will get situated where he is happy and I can still work. Today he was just watching from the sidelines. His face is funny because he is doing this chewing thing, like he is chewing on his tongue or something. Maybe he has something stuck in his teeth and that's how he gets it out, I dunno. He's a weird cat.
172_365 06-20-11 Becca 7days3

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