04 June 2011

Last day and coming home

I'm finally coming to an end of our Hawaii vacation.  While we were very happy to go and had a great time, we were ready to come home by Friday.  The hotel beds were very uncomfortable and the week of sleeping (well, attempting to sleep on them) were catching up with us. We were tired of eating out and lazing around.  Plus I missed my dog and cats.

But with one last day in paradise, we might as well enjoy it.  A little before lunch I took the kids down to the beach and the pier to wade in the surf, hunt for seashells, and watch the surfers a bit.

05-27-11 (17)
Carus hunting for seashells.

05-27-11 (31)
Surfer girl
05-27-11 (39)
Surfer guy
05-27-11 (43)
Pretty shell Carus found
05-27-11 (44)
Posing with Prince Kuhio (Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalanianaʻole Piʻikoi).
05-27-11 (54)
Wave crashing on the wall.
05-27-11 (68)
05-27-11 (71)
05-27-11 (95)
Another surfer.

There were tons of surfers and body surfers and it was fun to watch. There was a time when I wanted to learn to surf, but then I would remember my balance issues and I'd wake up from that dream. You never know, I could still learn....someday...
05-27-11 (138)
Adam. One of those times when I look at him and think holy crap, when did you get so big!
05-27-11 Adam under water
After we finished watching the surfers we went back to the hotel and went swimming one last time. We preferred the hotel pool to the ocean because it is closer to the room and there is no current pulling on you. My kids aren't great swimmers and neither am I, but we are working on that.
05-27-11 Carus swimming
Carus swimming.
05-27-11 (163)
Later on we all headed back down to the beach/boardwalk with the intention of catching the Hilton's firework show, but we didn't go far enough down and didn't get to see them.
05-27-11 (180)
147/365 - It was still nice to watch the sunset on the beach though.
05-27-11 (186)

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Saturday I guess doesn't really count as another day in Hawaii since it was the day we came home. Our flight was at 11:30 so we didn't have to get up super early, but still early enough.
05-28-11 (2)
I had found an ad for limo service from Waikiki to Honolulu airport (or vice versa) for $35 for up to 6 people and since our taxi ride upon arrival was $37 we figured why not. The limo was more comfortable and quick, just 12 minutes.
05-28-11 (3)
It was the first time I've ridden in a limo, as well as Adam and Carus's first time.
05-28-11 (18)
I'm always in the back of the group...probably cause I'm messing with my camera. Or I walk kinda slow, which is so I can mess with my camera. Adam, Robert, and Carus in Honolulu airport, just after we finally got through security. The lines were incredibly long.
05-28-11 (19)
Hawaii seemed to have a lot of interesting trees.  This one DOES grow here in Oregon. They are usually the last ones to get their leaves and flowers in the spring - but they're pretty here too.

Even with the long security line, we still had time to find a restaurant, eat lunch, hang out for a bit, get me a Starbucks, and hang out some more before we boarded the plane.
05-28-11 (22)
Carus and I on the plane.

148/365 - Goodbye Hawaii. Hope to come back soon!
148_365 05-28-11

And one last shot of Diamondhead from the plane.
05-28-11 (33)

I didn't get any photos of PDX or Portland, or coming home. I should have. But after sitting on the plane for 5-1/2 hours and being the last off when exiting (we were in the last row) I was tired and ready to get out of there.

And there ya go, our Hawaiian vacation. Hope you enjoyed seeing/reading some of what we got to see and do and I didn't bore you too much.

Now back to the regularly scheduled, really boring, day to day programing.

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  1. Ah that was fun,can we go again? Seriously I did enjoy the tour and so glad you had fun,good pictures fun comments. it brought back memories to me. Glad you are all home safe. love to all Granny


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