17 June 2011

This week

06-16-11 (1) copy
Smiley kitty!

06-15-11 (3)
The first vegetables out of our garden. The little one turned out to be not quite ready, but the bigger one (according to Robert) was good and a little spicy.

164/365 - Spiders may give me the heeby jeebies, but I can appreciate that they look kinda cool. Also, this guy only has 6 legs out BUT I'm pretty sure he has two up front that are tucked under him. I did not get close enough to confirm that.
163_365 06-12-11

165/365 - Sleepy pug.
164_365 06-13-11 (6)

166/365 - Adam's polite keep out note. He had just put it up, probably because he had spent most of the day trying to keep Carus out.
166_365 06-14-11

167/365 - Adam at the library, stocking up on books for the week. He checked out 8 or 9 and is already done with at least 4 of them. Oh, did I mention that this was only 2 days ago.
167_365 06-15-11 (1)

168/365 - Adam baking (by himself) lemon bars and they were good.
168_365 06-16-11

169/365 - Peony bouquet on my front porch because Robert has allergies.
169_365 06-17-11 002 2

Tomorrow is the start of the summer run of 7 days and I think I am going to play alone this time.

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