17 July 2011

Kids gone camping with the grands, should I be (more) worried?

Or maybe PAR-TAY at my house!

Yup, the kids have gone camping with the grandparents for the week, and yes I'm worried, but I'm also excited for them.  I trust the grands, I just don't trust nature or something. They are going to be 3 hours away from me, with intermittent cell signal (if at all), near a river (and we've had record rainfalls and snowfalls this year, which means fast moving water), with wild animals. I get to be a little nervous.

It's all good though. I'm sure they'll have lots of fun. Just hope it is all fun.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Some time in the past month I did something to my back on the right side. At first I thought I slept wrong, but it didn't go away or get better, and then I thought I pulled a muscle, but it didn't go away or get better. With Robert's encouragement I made an appointment to see his chiropracter, which I did last Monday.  He thought I displaced a rib (never heard of that one??) but during the consultation he felt I had symptoms of a cracked vertebra at my T12 or L1 level or in the rib and I had to get an x-ray before he could go further (to prevent worse injury).

The x-ray came back clean (no fractures - WOO) and the doc I saw to get those done gave me a couple prescriptions for the pain (it's mostly discomfort, but it does get painful if I'm doing a lot and it's always hard to breathe deep).

You know you have the good pain meds when the warning on the side is upgraded from the "may cause drowsiness" to "will cause sedation".

I go back to the chiropracter this week and hopefully he'll be able to fix me up quickly.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
365 catch-up!  I would like to get to the point where I am posting my 365 the same day and not have to do a bunch of these catch-ups, but eh, whatcha gonna do...

195/365 - Adam.  He will be 13 soon, just a little more than a month. And then he will start 7th grade... Crazy...
195_365 07-13-11

196/365 - Leia puppy!  She is getting big. We took her to the vet this week for some shots and the doc says that her age does match - looks like she might be a big dog.
196_365 07-14-11

197/365 - Pretty daisy.
197_365 07-15-11

198/365 - We went to the gun show and they had a couple tanks and military vehicles on display. This one was for sale and I sorta wish I could have bought it.
198_365 07-16-11

199/365 - Robert and his Leia baby.  He was playing with her and she was getting tired.
199_365 07-17-11

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  1. Now that makes me feel old. Adam will be 13 years old. Where has the time gone? oh no mom we will have a teenager. But not to worry. He is a good kid. Love to all,Granny


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