14 August 2011

Cookies and Shakespeare!

226/365 - Forest Grove Theatre's Children's C.A.S.T. production ( of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream. I went with Carus and our friend Jessica and her daughter G.

226_365 08-14-11

Alternative 365 - Homemade samoas cookies made today. Carus and I did the shortbread cookie base, a friend Jessica and I did the caramel/coconut topping, and I put on the chocolate touches.
08-14-11 005

These cookies do take a bit of work and I have a couple pointers to share in addition to the recipe if you want to try to make them (they are good and I do suggest you do make them).  \Just make sure you have time.

1) The freezer is this cookie's friend.  I put the dough in the freezer after cutting them out before trying to transfer to the baking sheet.  It helped SO much in keeping it from squishing when trying to transfer them. 

2) Coconut is not hard to toast. I had never done it before and was a bit intimidated.  But toasting it in the oven was very easy and it smelled so yummy.

3) The caramel/coconut mixture was a bit of a pain in the ass to get to stick to the cookie (thank you Jessica for your help carameling/coconuting my cookies). Keep the mixture warm and be patient. It's also okay to use your fingers - bonus, you can lick your fingers.

4) Don't dip the cookies in the chocolate, hold the cookies up-side-down in your hand and spread the chocolate on the bottom. Still messy, but a lot easier.

5) Freeze the cookies again to set up the chocolate. But let them "warm" up a bit before you try to eat them.

They are really good, but if you want a little less work - go with the bars recipe.  Which I might do next time...

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  1. Those look so yummy. But I don't really like labor intensive food, haha. I would just rather eat yours :)


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