16 August 2011

The wall part deux

228/365 - Diving doggy!
228_365 08-16-11

Our construction site of a yard...
08-16-11 012

The new retaining wall in front.
08-16-11 013

The new retaining wall on the side. You know. Where the first retaining wall with the stones before...
08-16-11 014

Robert wasn't happy with how the wall was and wasn't able to extend it around one of the man hole covers we have in our yard.  Enter conversations with the neighbor behind our house with several wooden retaining walls and 30+ years in construction and voila the retaining wall redo was born.

We are currently trying to resale the stones from the first wall and this one is moving along well and is more than halfway done so there's that.

I swear, if he tries to redo it again I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to hurt him.

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