22 August 2011

Who would've thought I'd actually miss them?

232/365 - I went to a photography workshop at Chimpsy on Saturday. Learned lots! Now let's hope I retain all that I learn.
232_365 08-20-11

We were photographing under the Fremont Bridge in Portland.
08-20-11 084 copy

08-20-11 083 copy

08-20-11 074 copy

08-20-11 049 copy

08-20-11 030 copy

08-20-11 028 copy2

08-20-11 016 copy

08-20-11 012 copy

08-20-11 005 copy

After my photography workshop Robert and I met up with some friends for lunch and to go get the guys fitted for suits for these friend's wedding. I really liked the colorful rows of TIES at The Men's Warehouse.
08-20-11 087 copy

08-20-11 088 copy

08-20-11 086 copy

233/365 - Adam and Carus are back! They had a good trip and I'll try to upload their pics tomorrow or something. I missed them! Who'da thunk it?
233_365 08-20-11

234/365 - Eeek, yearly review at work was today. I'm nearing the anniversary of my start date of my job - just finished my 3rd year - and every year on/around the anniversary date I have to be reviewed. This is supposed to be my worried face...

But don't worry, the review went well. I AM awesome, of course.*
234_365 08-20-11

*I know it's not evident by the photo so you are just going to have to trust me.

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