02 August 2011

Show me the button!

I was sitting on my patio talking with my Granny and enjoying how the wind was rustling through the leaves of this tree, and the way the sun hitting the leaves made them seem to be dancing.
209_365 07-27-11 Golden vintage
Photo processed with a free action from Rita at The Coffee Shop blog, Golden Vintage.*

210/365 - We went and got a little wading pool for the kids and the dog. Okay, mostly the dog. The kids are more interested in going to the big pool. But Leia LOVES it!
210_365 07-28-11

211/365 - Sleepy Leia.
211_365 07-29-11

212/365 - We went to Big Al's (an arcade/bowling alley/sports bar/sports restaurant/etc etc) for lunch and some arcading and while we aren't huge sports fans we couldn't help but get excited at all the TVs! Especially this big one that had 9 different channels going at once! (Actually 3 projectors, and a portion is not shown in the photo.) Not to mention the 15+ "small" TVs hanging up around the restaurant. Can you imagine the awesomeness of the Super Bowl?
212_365 07-31-11 copy

YAY! The hummingbirds have found my feeder! Robert got this picture for me (only cause he wouldn't give me my camera and when he finally did the bird flew off).  Not a 365, but wanted to share all the same.  I was worried they would never find the feeder, but they have, and maybe someday I will have as many hummingbirds as Granny does.  (Which is A LOT.)
07-31-11 (4) copy

213/365 - Big grape, little grape. Didn't like it in color so changed it to black and white and now I'm all artistic and deep....or something. 213_365 08-01-11
Photo processed with a free action from Rita at The Coffee Shop blog, Splendor B&W (I believe).

*A lot of my pictures are processed Perfect Portrait action. It's my favorite action, but all of her actions are amazing.  And she does tuturials on how to use them and how to do many things in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, and others.

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