30 August 2011

Take the next left and prepare to be captured

242/365 - Playing ball with Leia while watching TV (Warehouse 13). 242_365 08-30-11

Like our "curtain"? We were getting a glare on the TV even with the blinds down so Robert threw up this sheet. Some day we plan on replacing the blinds with wooden ones which will not have any gabs but until then we get to be all classy and stuff.

In other news, I've "met" Carus's teacher for this year.  (By met I mean spoke to her on the phone.) Carus has also done some lessons on how to navigate the school system and she will do some of the summer school lessons they have available for her tomorrow. 

School officially starts next Wednesday for both kids and I'm getting excited. I've been craving the schedule of school and missing the busyness.  I've been watching friends and family send their kids back to school on Facebook and I love it. I love the rituals and traditions of it.  The back-to-school outfits that have been specially picked out, the poses on the first day on the front steps, at the bus stops, in front of schools, or in their classrooms.  The grins on those kids faces. 

It is the best.

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