13 August 2011

No big whoop!

224/365 - This year Carus will be homeschooled - kinda. We have signed up with ORVA (Oregon Virtual Acedemy) with K12 which is an online public school. It is completely free to enroll, they send all the books and supplies you need (we still have to buy pens, pencils, paper, glue, scissors, etc - but we already have most of that stuff so no big whoop). And they will even provide you with a printer and computer to use, if you qualify. We do not. But again, we already have those so no big whoop. Her boxes arrived yesterday and she was most excited over the science box with the rocks and minerals in it (I was surprised it wasn't the art box with the paints and pastels, but that was a close second).

Carus has been asking to do homeschooling for a year now, begging basically. She was both bored and not challenged much last year as well as experiencing some bullying last year; frankly we were not happy with her teachers/school. Her teachers' response when I brought up the bullying was, "well, it's not just one-sided." And while I know she was picking back, because that's what kids do when they are picked on, they pick backl  It's not what I wanted to hear, nor what I should have heard. We were talking with her about how she should handle things without picking on the other person, I need her teachers to back that up with watching out for her and the other students and diffusing situations.

I'm freaking out a little over the decision to do it and I'm still a little "I've totally ruined her life" and all. But mostly, I'm excited. This programs sounds AMAZING and really do feel it is the right decision for her and will help her exceed so much.  She can move as fast or as slow as she wants/needs.
224_365 08-12-11

The rest of her supply photos are here.

225/365 - Can you guess what I'm watching?  Having a nice relaxing Saturday evening catching up on some of my DVR'd shows.
225_365 08-13-11

Doctor Who

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