28 August 2011

That's all witty and stuff

The wall is finished (mostly) round 2! And the stones were placed on Craigslist and carted off today.  Robert will cut off the 4x4 poles and then top the wall with 2x4s.  08-28-11 (1)

238/365 - Doing tricks for treats. Leia now knows how to shake.  Yoda can still sit. (He also knows leave it, but that's pretty much it.)
238_365 08-26-11

Saturday we went out to the in-laws house where Robert built his mom a little fence to fence off her garden from her dogs.  In the picture - MIL Barbara, Lady (1 of their 2 dogs), Robert and FIL Alan.  Robert is explaining what he did with the fence to Alan.
08-27-11 (40)

239/365 - While Robert was building a fence, Carus and I took Yoda and Leia (who got to go bye-byes with us) for a walk. 
239_365 08-27-11

Autumn flowers seen on walk with Carus.
08-27-11 (1) copy

Fire hydrant seen on walk with Carus.
08-27-11 (8) copy

Seen on walk with Carus.
08-27-11 (9) copy2

Blackberries eaten on walk with Carus.
08-27-11 (20)

240/365 - Honey bee seen on one of my Rose of Sharon bushes.  I got this photo with my macro/fish eye lens, and I had to get quite close to the bee. Mr. Bee was sitting there cleaning himself, or at least that is what I'm assuming he was doing, which allowed me to get a photo of him. Hehehe, he wanted to be pretty for his close up!
08-28-11 (28) copy

There was another kind of bee buzzing around the flowers, which I liked more. It was more fluffy/furry and it had pollen stuck all over it's butt, which I found kinda funny. What's the difference in the bees? Would the honey taste different? 
08-28-11 (34) copy2

Rose of Sharon flower.
08-28-11 (13) copy

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