10 August 2011

And another catch-up...

Not a 365, but sharing just the same.

Lookie how big she is getting! At her first vet visit she was 15 pounds and three weeks later at her second visit she was 25 pounds.  Compare here.
08-04-11 (16) copy

216/365 - Smiley happy puggy.
216_365 08-04-11 copy

217/365 - I liked how the moon was showing through the clouds, however, the clouds moved over the moon before I could get all the settings set up so this is the best I got...
217_365 08-05-11

218/365 - Went back to school shopping for Adam, which included new shoes of course. He had found a pair of Reeboks he liked that was unfortunately $120 and even though it was 40% off, they were still too much. He was still asking for them and was pouting about my no, so I resorted to saying, we'll ask daddy (since two no's leave no room for whining). Daddy, of course, said no as well and he whined again (just a few more whines just to see if he could change it) and I suggested maybe he would say yes if the other option was the ugliest shoe in the store - he grabbed this one and I texted the picture to Robert - "These ones or the Reeboks" as a little joke. We ended up going with a pair of Nikes.
218_365 08-06-11

219/365 - Remember how she fit in Adam's arms when we first got her. We won't be able to pick her up like this much more. She how she fit in his arms before here.
219_365 08-07-11 (1)

220/365 - Fish eye Timmy
220_365 08-08-11

221/365 - Work meeting and I parked at the top of the parking structure to get this view. The backs of my ankles regretted it though, my shoes gave me blisters. They never have before, I'm sad that they did...North parking structure (employees only) of St. Vincent looking west.
221_365 08-09-11 copy

222/365 - Leia playing in the sprinkler.
222_365 08-10-11

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