19 August 2011

TGI &^#% F!!

It's been a lllooooonnnngggg week at work. Volume has been high and we've had overtime available every day this week. I wasn't able to do every day, but I still have done some and I have been ready for Friday since, oh Monday at 10 a.m. (I start at 8). HA! I guess it's job security though, so there's that.

230/365 - Kids went with Gramma for a little road trip to see Great Gramma Pat.
230_365 08-18-11

They'll be back Sunday or possibly Monday afternoon. Have fun guys!
08-18-11 (4)

Yoda tried to go bye-byes with the kids and grammas.

231/365 - Today Leia didn't have the kids to play with so by the end of the day she was a bit antsy and was barking at me to get off work. So I took her and Yoda for a nice long walk and by the time we returned they both just crashed.
231_365 08-19-11

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