01 September 2011

Power's Out

This post was written last night, uploaded tonight.

243/365 - Candle lit bathroom.
243_365 08-31-11
We lost power tonight. Not sure why, neither is the electric company. Its nice that the weather has been cool this week and we aren't roasting.

But what sucks is that the power went out right when I was mixing the dye to color my hair. I have grown tired of all my grey hairs - I am too young for this much grey hair. Darn kids making me grey prematurely.

And now I sound older...

I was able to find enough candles and a husband willing to shine a light at my head while I quickly put said dye on my hair.  So yay!

The dogs are freaking the frick out and barking at every little sound, i.e. the neighbors outside talking about losing power, and my flashlights reflection in the sliding glass door. Silly dogs.

The cats could care less since apparently the flashlight is not out to amuse them and we keep walking away from where they were just attacking that light spot. Silly humans, amuse kittehs now.

The kids are supposed to be going to sleep, but do you know how exciting it is that we have no power?!

Robert was outside working in the up from working in the yard...when power went out and the garage door was stuck open because of the electric door opener. He ran an extension cord from his computer's UPS (uninterrupted power supply) in the bedroom to the garage door opener and closed the garage door. Bloody brilliant IMO.

Time to rinse my hair (God I love technology and my phone).

* * * * * *
And now for today's photo

244/365 - No more roots (or grey). Much better
244_365 09-01-11

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