16 September 2011

YAY! It's Friday

255/365 - Wilbur kitty.
255_365 09-13-11

256/365 - Late night clean-up. I went to camera club and came home to iced tea all over the counter.  I had started the iced tea maker before leaving but must not have pushed the pitcher all the way under the spout.  Unfortunately, even with all the bleach products and some soaking the grout is now pretty stained on that portion of the counter.
256_365 09-14-11

257/365 - Sleepy Leia puppy.
257_365 09-15-11

258/365 - Today was school picture day for Adam, so I made it school picture day for Carus too.
258_365 09-16-11

Note: Reminder for Race for the Cure in 2 days - Please read this, donate (if you can) and pass on this link: 

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