17 September 2011

Chalk Art Festival

Today was the start of the fall run of fall run of 7 Days AND the Forest Grove Chalk Art Festival, which we went to of course.  It's put on by the local art gallery, Valley Art. It would have been nice if the weather was a bit better.  Fall has arrived and while the temps are welcome (at least to me), the rain today could have stayed away.  It was only sprinkling so the art didn't wash away, but it probably won't be there too long.  Some friends drew with us, we made a little garden.

My 7Days, day 1 photo.
259/365 - Drawing.  I drew the tree and the blue flower.
7Days Day 1 (Becca) 259_365 09-17-11

Carus's 7 Days, day 1 photo.  This is an abstract sun, which she got the idea for from an art lesson this week in school.
7Days Day 1 (Carus) 09-17-11 130

Our finished square.
Our finished square

There were some amazing artists there, I didn't get photos of all of them, but you should see the ones I did get.  I've put them on Flickr.

Slideshow of all the photos from today:

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