22 September 2011

Day 5 a little late

Day 5 (yesterday) was a theme day.  The theme was Outside.

Day 5 Carus - "My shadow."
7Days Day 5 (Carus) 09-20-11

Day 5 Becca, also 263/365.
Since I did outside for the inside theme day, I'm doing inside for the outside theme day.

Inside the facet and my new fancy schmancy soup dispenser.

When fixing the plumbing on the sink Robert removed our instant hot water dispenser, which I liked the idea of but never actually used.  If I was a bigger tea drinker instead of coffee drinker I would probably love it more.  He asked if I wanted him to put it back or if we could just put something else in that hole.  I thought of my awesome Granny's kitchen that has an fancy schmancy soap dispenser, which I've always loved and asked for one of those.  Now I'm awesome like Granny.

7Days Day 5 (Becca) 263_365 09-20-11

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