06 September 2011

Menus are back

With school starting for both kids and with my anticipation of having a little more on my plate with Carus homeschooling this year, I'm bringing the menu back.

I'm going to try to post each week's menu on Sunday evening and HOPEFULLY it will help me stay motivated to keep creating the menu.  That small bit of organization really helps me. I know what I'm making for dinner each night, and the night after, and I don't have to think about it or worry when I can't come up with something. It also helps me create a more thorough grocery shopping list and I don't find myself running to the store for items I forgot as often.

Normally I grocery shop for one week at a time, and I hate it. I go to the "cheap" grocery store 45 minutes away, spend around an hour in the store, and then another 45 minutes home.  It takes up a nice chunk of my weekend.  This week I took it up a notch and did my shopping for two weeks. It was a larger number at the checkout, but I'm pretty confident I got what I need for 2 weeks (minus some fresh produce because most of that stuff doesn't last long).

I am a little late on the menu post this week, but it's all good because this is my blog and I said so. :)

Sunday - Grandpa Alan's company picnic (woo, I don't have to cook or clean)

Monday - Scalloped potatoes and steamed broccoli and cauliflower

Tuesday - BBQ chicken sandwiches

Wednesday - (1st day of school) Crock pot beef stew

Thursday - FFY (fend for yourself)

Friday - Beef & Broccoli

Saturday - Fried chicken breasts, crash hot potatoes, corn

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